About Us

Dan Freed

I have always had difficulty focusing. I struggled with my concentration and attention span all through school. Over the years I tried just about every remedy imaginable and some of them helped. The three things that showed the most benefits were meditation, exercise and the pomodoro method of time management. My focus greatly improved over the years but I still felt that I was not close to reaching my maximum potential. 

When I learned about nootropics, I was skeptical.

I read many success stories online but they all seemed like fake marketing to me. The main problem was that the nootropics companies selling pre-made stacks offered no solid scientific evidence and made lots of wild claims. I wasn’t sure if nootropics worked or if the people who posted positive reviews were just experiencing  the placebo effect.

So I designed my own experiment.

I systematically sampled the top 10 nootropics and evaluated the results. For months, I took each nootropic stack and tracked its effects. At the end of the trial my data clearly showed there were a few stacks that had given me notable benefits.

The effects were not at all what I was expecting.

One of the most effective productivity stack for me produces no effects that I could “feel” but made me hyperfocused and helped me crush my to do list. The productivity tracker app I used confirmed this: I check social media much less when I took that stack.

Coffee can make me feel nervous and jittery. However, my clean energy stack gave me the energy boost without the negative side-effects of coffee. My thoughts were clearer and I was able to process things quicker. 

My friends and coworkers noticed my improved productivity and asked me for my secret At first, I would offer them the same stacks that had worked so well for me. The results were mixed and I was disappointed. These stacks that had worked for me didn’t have the same effect on some of my friends.

That’s when I realized that there is no one size fits all when it comes to nootropics.

Many of the pre-made stacks are great quality but aren’t tailored to each person’s unique brain chemistry. 

Through rigorous experiments, we have developed the four week protocol that we now offer to you. It has been designed to find the optimal stack in the least amount of time, eliminating any guess work.

How it works

  1. Fill out our questionnaire
  2. Our algorithm compares your answers with our previous experiment data and selects the four nootropic stacks with the highest probability of being beneficial to you 
  3. Every day you take the nootropics and log the effects in our app
  4. At the end of the experiment we present your data and you have the option to subscribe if one of the stacks worked.

Our goal is to provide you the tools and unbiased information so you can find the nootropic stack that works best for you.